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How to Block or stop IP address to post comments in wordpress

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Well it’s a while now and I’m starting to get frustratet with WordPress Blog. I have some huge bots or people spamming comments in my blog. I suppose it is because I got nofollow tag removed so now I have problems with some users (IPs) posting spam comments.

I need to stop them so I decided to block some IP’s.

It as easy as that to block IP from posting comments in wordpress blog:

  • Login to Administration panel of WordPress blog
  • choose Settings tab
  • choose Discussion tab
  • in the “Comment Blacklist” list type IP’s you want to block (each line one IP)
  • Click Save changes

In firefox it looks like this:

ScreeShot of Firefox Wordpress block IP for comments

Screenshot of Firefox Wordpress block IP for comments