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Google še vedno prevladuje med spletnimi iskalniki

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Med brskanjem po spletu sem našel zanimivo raziskavo in sicer o spletnih straneh in njihov položaj v iskalniku. Najbolj zanimivo je, da ima  Google   poveljujoč položaj na svetovnem trgu iskanje, v skladu z novo študijo iz podjetja comScore.

“Globalnem trgu preiskava še naprej naraščali na izredni stopnji, s tako visoko razvitih in razvijajočih se trgih prispeva k močni rasti po vsem svetu,” je dejal Jack Flanagan, comScore izvršni direktor.

“Iskanje je očitno postaja vse bolj vseprisotne vedenje med uporabniki interneta, ki vozi navigacija ne le neposredno iz iskalnikov, temveč tudi v mestih in v omrežjih. Če enačijo napredek pri iskanju zmožnost ljudi, da obdelujejo podatke, nato pa svetu hitro postaja vse bolj izobražen ekosistema. ”

Iskanje celotnega svetovnega trga je več kot 131 billion iskanj, ki jih ljudje 15 ali starejših od doma in delovnega mesta decembra 2009, kar predstavlja 46-odstotno rast v preteklem letu.

Google iskalnik je bil prav tako na vrhu nepremičninkih iskanj po vsem svetu z 87.8 billion iskanja v decembru, ali 66,8 odstotka svetovnega trga iskanje. Google je zaznal 58 odstotno povečanje obsega poizvedb v preteklem letu. Yahoo strani je postavljen na drugem mestu s 9,4 milijarde iskanj (do 13%), sledijo kitajski iskalnik Baidu z 8,5 milijarde iskanj (do 7%). …

Pregled iskanja po deležih svetovnih spletnih iskalnikov

Pregled iskanja po deležih svetovnih spletnih iskalnikov

Torej če še kdo ni prepričan, da je potrebno svojo spletno stran optimirati na iskalnik google bo mogoče ob tem članku pomislil na to in dal spletno stran izdelati profesionalcu, ki jo bo optimiral in promoviral za najboljšo videnost na spletu.

How to get Page Rank PR7 in 200 days

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Well it’s been some time I posted something on but finally I found one text file I found year back and store it. It all about Google’s Page Rank or as known PR. So the fact is higher PR, better position in google. There are also other facts but this article is about achieving PageRank 7 in 200 days. I don’t take responsibility if it does not work since google changes their algorithms all the time. I also don’t know who is the author so I can not put link to him and thank him for it.

Think of Pagerank like real estate pricing. The higher your site ranks on that scale, the more valuable it is in Google’s eyes. You, the webmaster, enjoy explosive benefits the higher your pagerank: your site gets indexed more often, you appear in the top ten placements and people will kill each other to advertise their site on yours. To the tune of thousands of greenbacks a month.

Bottomline: websites of considerable persuasion and influence boast high pagerank.

If your site has less than a Pagerank 4, you are nobody. Pagerank 5 means you are a rising hotshot. Folks would pay $30 a month to place a link on your site. Pagerank 6 means you are almost a god. Not only would you rank in the top ten search engine rankings for chosen keywords, you’d rake in lotsa moolah from ad revenue.

Are you mewling like a cat yet?

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s hunker down to getting you a Pagerank 7 in 200 days with some white hat magic.


1) Mosey over a few webhosts that allow you to buy domains on cheap. I’d recommend or Purchase at least 40 domains across different C Class IPs. The .info , .mobi and .biz variety go for a dime a dozen. Register them and build up a single page on each one. Fill the pages with Quality Content. No scraped info or you’ll get deindexed. Your bucks would go down the drain faster than cash at a casino. Hire a ghostwriter if you must.

Visit This site provides live streaming feed. You will then channel feed from into each of your 40 domains. Ensure that you select feed relevant to the site content and funnel it using the php protocol. Accomplishing this endows your sites with fresh, updated content that both your visitors and search engine robots would love.

WARNING: do not spam the 40 sites with excessive keywords, hidden text or redirects. Avoid cloaking. If Google bans a handful of your sites for indiscretion, the rest of your campaign founders.

2) Now’s the exciting part. Create backlinks to each of these sites from domains that wield extremely high pagerank. It’s easy to accomplish with and Now before you get all excited, understand that this tactic will work if you judiciously pick profitable tags. The tag â€~business’ ranks a whopper of a pagerank 7 at netscape. ( Listing your 40 domains under this directory gets a pagerank 7 backlink!

3) Amp the power. List your domains at DMOZ and . You’ll garner at least a Pagerank 4 backlink to each site.

4) Post meaningful comments on one or two blogs listed here: These blogs have the NoFollow attribute disabled, allowing you to suck in more PR to each of your domains.

5) Post meaningful comments on, and Google ranks these sites at pagerank 8+. If your sensible comment is approved, you get more rank boosting.

6) Use this string in google search box to find high credibility .edu blogs where you can get quick backlinks from: [[ inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" "Your-Key-Word"]] If your link appears on a .edu domain, Google accords your mucho respect. In spades. Ensure you write MEANINGFUL comments on these .edu sites!!!!

7) Wait for the next PageRank update. Twiddle your thumbs and get fat on some MacDonalds quarterpounders to pass the time.

8) Et Voila! After the next update, the Google Toolbar will indicate that ALL your 40 sites have achieved a shiny PageRank 3 or 4. Man, wasn’t that easy?? (FYI, google updates pagerank every three months or so)

9) Now that your sites wield considerable persuasive influence, I want you to create three new domains and have all original 40 sites link to these.

10) Wait for the next pagerank update and BAM! The three new domains now flex a Pagerank 5!. Hallelujah!! But wait. You don’t want a lousy 5. You want at least a seven. So what you do is to create two new domains and have the three pagerank 5s link to that.

11) Wait again. (do you get the pattern here?) Suck on some fries. Get more girlfriends. Take up racing. Then at the next pagerank update, the Google Tool Bar will bring you news that will wet your pants: GOODGRACIOUSGLORIOUSGOD! The two new domains are now Pagerank 6!! Wait. We’re not done yet. I want you to create a new domain. And guess what? I want you to link the two pagerank 6 sites to your new domain.

12) Wait again. Nuninuninu. By now you should have 10 girlfriends and boast a nice paunch from all those quarterpounders. But so what? After the next pagerank update, your new domain should now be a gloriously persuasive Pagerank 7. Ahh. Now you can kick back and relax. Because with this single website, any other website you link to will be transformed into an instant Pagerank 6. Everyone knows that sites these stellar command unbelievable advertising power. So what you do from here well, it’s up to your imagination.

13) There are a few more steps to consolidate your explosive position- and you can find them right here: Pagerank 7 Download the PDF and build your empire!

Get Google Page Rank in Delphi applications

Monday, January 12th, 2009
Google PageRank component for Delphi preview

Google PageRank component for Delphi preview

I’m also programming in Delphi computer language and now I’m doing some SEO in Delphi – My idea is to get all links inside one website (all of it’s pages and subpages) and get Page Rank of all of them – so I know on witch webpages I can add good and relevant links.

Let’s say on one PR2 webpage there are used words as “programming” or “website” I know what link to put on what webpage – so only relevant pages have relevant links to my other webpages – in this case google will apprishiate it and it will achieve good PR and also good search position when people search my webpages in google.

So I searched google and found components and install instructions for google page rank on website

I also copied components on my server in case link is broken. So you can download google page rank delphi component GPRD v1.5.0 from webserver.

All webpages for link-exchange with PR data

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

I finally got arround to take the whole list of webpages and websites we have prepared for quality link exchange. I made the whole list and also prepared PR data for each page – but PR data can be diffrerent than describet. Page Rank in most cases is higher because every day more and more inbound links is added for each page.

We have next webpages prepared for link exchange… (IP: (PR4)-for PR3 or more link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (IP: (PR3)-for PR3 or more link exchange (IP: (PR7)-for PR7 or more link exchange (PR6)-for PR6 ;or more link exchange (IP: (PR5)-for PR4 or more link exchange (PR5)-for PR4 or more link exchange (IP: (PR5)-for PR4 or more link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (IP: (PR4)-for PR4 or more link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (IP: (PR4)-for PR4 or more link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (PR0)-Any PR link exchange (IP: (PR4) – Free reciprocal Web Directory where you can add your links in appropriate Category. All links will be addedn also on latest list (PR3). (PR3) (PR3) (IP: (PR4)-for PR3 or more link exchange (IP: (PR5)-for PR4 or more link exchange (IP: (PR4)-for PR3or more link exchange (IP: PR4or more link exchange (IP: (PR3)-for PR3 or more link exchange

If you are interested send me links and webpages you can add my links on and we can manually link-exchange. It is a great idea and we will all gat better search results on google, yahoo …

Aris @

About no-follow attribute and PR boost

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

My first post is about Blog and how can it help you to get better PageRank of your webpage or website. Google uses PR to determin importance of a webpage so higher PR, better search position in google. First add link to many webpages – also including our web directory. In addition watch out what text you are using for linking. It must be text you are aiming for users to search on google.

Next great idea is to add comments to posts in different Blog-s, such as blog at and use link to your webpage. That also counts and will boost PR of your website!!!

Don’t waste any time – start linking as soon as possible.